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Traditional psychology focuses on cognitive and emotional processes. There is yet another realm of rich material to explore: Our physical body. The body actually holds more consciousness than the mind and is known to be the doorway to unconscious material. Mindfulness helps us to connect awareness with this inner world of sensation and expression.

Mindfulness borrows from Eastern and Native American tradition. Defined, it is self observation with acceptance.

When we are Mindful, we become still enough to notice what we are experiencing. We become friendly to the moment.

It is hard to notice all the subtle, yet information packed, nuances necessary for healing when we are in ordinary consciousness. In Mindfulness, our inner worlds become clearer because we are in an expanded state of consciousness whereby we have the ability to see more about ourselves than we do in ordinary consciousness.

When we are in a defended state, our ability to self observe and be accepting is limited. Defense also blocks our ability to experience aliveness, genuineness, our energy flow and sense of natural organic wholeness. Sadly, most of us don’t even realize when we are in a defended state.

Mindfulness helps us to slow, turn inward and listen to the wisdom of the body. Our bodies are portals to the unconscious ideas that organize our self perceptions, relationships and life choices.

Mindfulness facilitates authentic relationship through receptivity, empathy, attunement and presence.

During Mindfulness we become open, spacious, relaxed, receptive, curious, exploring, and nonjudgmental. There is no right or wrong. Our attachment to “should” relaxes.

Mindfulness facilitates neuronal connections between the lower/midbrain (where impulses arise) and the upper, rational, executive brain, helping us to consciously regulate impulsive behavior and helps melt frozen states.

Mindfulness brings us to a felt connection with ourselves, others and our global community.


Alice Maltbie

• Develop internal security.

• Become more satisfied in relationships.

• Make better choices regarding time, money, and relationships.

• Reduce anxiety, depression and harsh judgment.

• Set healthy boundaries.

• Add depth and meaning to life.

• Activate aliveness.

• Explore and develop creativity.

• Eliminate addictions.

• Clarify self responsibility and responsibility to others.

• Develop respect for self and others.

• Enhance spiritual awareness and growth.

• Live with clear intent.

• Begin to fill your life purpose.

• Discover personal authority.

• Acquire mastry and pride.




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